Manufacturing & Production

When you've spent so much time and resources in the pre-production planning phases, you want to ensure that your factory follows through to create your product to your specifications exactly. Any number of things could go wrong at the factory and you need someone there looking out for your best interests and working towards the vision you have created. Thirteen years experience sourcing factories, building relationships and working closely with the vendors overseas makes Martin Sports Designs the wise choice for you during the production process.


Martin Sports Designs LLC

We specialize in the hardgood product development
and design of:

Production is the most critical phase where your approved samples will be analyzed for good manufacturability and prepared for mass production.  This is also the stage where problems often arise.  We can help ensure the production process goes smoothly and that the production runs hold to the same quality as the buyoff samples.
bullet Production materials approved
bullet Tooling and Die-cuts approved
bullet Final grading and size runs
bullet Production line efficency
bullet Random samples tested and quality ensured